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Franchisebazar is a brand owned by Sparkleminds, a complete franchise solutions company, operating out of India since 1998. Over the years we have worked with several hundred entrepreneurs and have helped them realize their business goals. We have worked tirelessly in pursuit of matching the best franchise opportunity for all our clients, whether they are individuals, couples, groups, or companies. We have well-defined systems and processes that ensure that you engage with companies, correctly, and create mutually beneficial relationships. We just catalyze the process.

We have also ensured that you get a broad variety of opportunities that you can explore online, in the convenience for your homes or offices or anywhere, just send us a message and we will respond instantly, always.

We have created a great team and have worked tirelessly to create a business directory that holds 3000+ opportunities with all types of investment. Be it low cost or high we have all the opportunities available at your fingertips.
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Why use a franchise consultant?

To research and understand which business in the market is doing well and will sustain for a longer period and will help you reach your goals.

To layout financial plans for you according to your needs and aspirations and to help you in making complex decisions related to the franchise business.

To identify the franchise and a franchisor that will fit your own present and future needs, invest wisely and during the process of getting a franchise.

To help identity sustainable as well as profitable business ideas those have demand in the market and to guide you to the best brand for you.

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